Upside Down



    Today’s journal entry: “the world seems upside down right now. As I sit at my desk looking out the window all seems well; green grass...Spring...azaleas blooming; families walking...dogs barking...I hear the sound of the garbage truck letting me know it is Friday (it is difficult to distinguish the days of the week now); blue skies. Everything looks normal. However, appearances can be deceiving. Just beyond the green grass and blooming flowers the world is Upside Down! We just heard the announcement that the school year has ended with six weeks yet to go.”

    Disruptions. It’s like losing a friend without a chance to say “good bye” and complete the cycle of life. Restaurants closed. Abnormal happenings. Medical emergencies. Alarming statistics and charts. Experts pining. People dressed in white protective gear staring through face shields. Upside down!

    However, when the first century Christians were criticized of “turning the world upside down” (Acts 17:6), they were, in fact, turning the world “right side up.” That is the power of the gospel and the Kingdom it brings! Wherever the gospel arrives in a life and culture and is allowed to flow freely, it sets things in order, right side up! Sin and its multi-complex consequences always brings disorder and disruptions. Always! Some days we are more aware of those disrupting consequences that others. The power of the gospel has latency buried within is core; an awesome power to bring life, abundance, order, the ability to change chaos to cosmos.

    The gospel brings a King whose Kingdom is not of this world. So, even though the kingdoms of this world are (and always have been!) upside down right now, your spiritual world, The Unshakable Kingdom is right side-up! The King holds daily briefings written down in a Book. Read His Words. Allow His calm assurance to saturate your being bringing warmth like a rising sun commanding the cold and darkness to leave submitting to its rays of hope. Everything is fine and in order in His Kingdom! You will not find safety, sanity and security in world kingdoms. You cannot control nor are you in charge of the upside down kingdom! As long as your mind is fastened and fixed to the physical kingdom, all sermons exhorting “don’t worry,” will not help because you are incapable of obeying that command. But in His Kingdom there is peace, shelter, righteousness and promise of provisions!


    Don’t miss the opportunity to SEEK (Matthew 6:33) His Kingdom because it is there you will discover that anxiety yields to assurance because ONLY in His Kingdom will upside down yield to right-side up!


The King has come and everything changed! His Kingdom is here and nothing can compare.


(27March2020)         Ldw