The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker

(How God Opens the eyes of the Blind)

    Those of us who reside in the northwest corner of Alabama, a beautiful place called the Shoals, are very familiar with the incredible story called “The Miracle Worker.” Ann Sullivan faced an arduous task when she stepped from the train in Tuscumbia and entered the dark world of the young Helen Keller. How do you communicate with a person who is blind, mute, and extremely unruly? The early efforts of Ann Sullivan were unsuccessful and frustrating. Seeing no improvements in Helen’s progress and facing this apparent impossible situation, the family made plans to dismiss Ms. Sullivan and abandon all efforts to reach into Helen’s dark world. Then, a miracle occurred, a breakthrough; an unbelievable moment at the water pump in the back yard. The dark and silent world where Helen lived as a prisoner was penetrated by a ray of light and the cell door to her prison was unlocked. Helen’s learning accelerated to implausible heights and her reputation and accomplishments became world renowned. Recently Debby and I had the honor of watching our granddaughter play the role of Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker” at the Playhouse in the Park in Mobile, Alabama. We were refreshed watching her acting skills and reminded of the challenging task facing Ann Sullivan to communicate with a young girl bewildered and locked in utter darkness.

    Yet, just like Helen Keller, there are millions of people groping in darkness, locked in chambers of doom unable to see the glorious light of the gospel they so desperately need. They live in darkness because their first birth afflicted their vision and left them blind. They urgently need to see what they cannot see. They need revelation. They need a second birth.

    But, how do you communicate with a person born blind? Imagine searching for words to describe a sunrise dawning over the magnificent Tennessee River. (I have seen rivers all over the world and none compare to the one that twists like a beautiful ribbon through the landscape of north Alabama, not that I am prejudice!) I use this illustration because I have friends who frequently post gorgeous pictures of the sun making its grand appearance over this most beautiful river. How do you begin to describe that splendid grandeur to a person with no sight, and in the case of Helen Keller, no sound! How do you explain the beauty of the gospel that is hidden from the eyes of those without revelation?

    Paul declared, “But even if our gospel is veiled [hidden], it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.” (2 Corinthians 4:3-4, NKJ)

The lost cannot embrace that which they cannot see, so what is the plan of delivering spiritual light with those who cannot see spiritual light? Isn’t that a Catch 22 predicament? A lost person can’t receive the gospel because they can’t see the gospel! What we have is an impossible predicament! Indeed, impossible from a human stand point but as the events of Holy Week of Christ’s passion unfold before our eyes, so does the divine plan of God. Refresh your mind and read again the events of that final week and behold the unveiling of the Father’s majestic plan!

    The Cross, although loved and adored by those of us who walk in The Way, is a graphic depiction of everything that is ugly, evil and dark flowing from the heart of fallen humanity. Of course, it reveals the rich and luscious love of the Fathers heart but at the same time it exposes the depth of depravity in the heart of everyone in Adam’s race. The result of depravity is darkness! The bloodline of humanity, corrupted through disobedience, required the death of One whose bloodline was pure, sinless. Only One qualified and that is why Jesus died, but when He died the hope of Israel’s Messiah and the salvation of mankind died as well. SUNSET! Lights extinguished. As we stand on that stark hill called Calvary we hear the lonesome, haunting sound of “Taps” being played from the twisted lips of our enemy; laughter in the halls of hell. Scorners and mockers dancing in the streets everywhere, delighted that sin has dealt heaven’s Son a mighty blow. That was the sunset of Friday.

    Sunday is a new day, a fresh beginning. SUNRISE! Light has dawned in glorious display. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the ultimate Sonrise! The light of victory has appeared commanding the shadows of night to be banished to the darkest caves where they belong. Sunday brings shouting and laughing, hugs and rejoicing, for Gabriel’s trumpet has blasted “Reveille!” Tears of joy flow from faces, once downcast but now lifted heavenward singing the glorious Good News that He is Alive! Prison doors are opened. Captives’ run from their dark dungeons and dance in the sunlight. Resurrection light has arrived and with its sparkling rays, banished darkness so that and now the blind can see.

    Incredible! And that is how a “veiled gospel” is unveiled; eyes blinded by the god of this world are opened! The problem of darkness is spiritual in nature and came from the bowels of Hell so likewise the answer must be spiritual flowing from the throne of heaven. The ability to see the gospel does not come by straining, or else man’s efforts would succeed and boast in their glory. Spiritual light is more than a physical phenomenon; beyond mathematical equations or scientific formulas. Spiritual sight comes by divine revelation and revelation comes via resurrection and resurrection comes only by the power of an almighty God who brings light to dark eyes.

    Winston Churchill planned his own funeral. It was held in St. Paul’s Cathedral and included many of the great hymns of the Christian faith following an eloquent Anglican liturgy. At Churchill’s instruction a bugler was positioned high in the dome at St Paul’s and after the benediction he sounded “Taps” with its haunting message of finality, “Lights out. The day has ended. Darkness has fallen.” It was a fitting ending for the English statesman; however, what followed was a surprise to all in attendance. Across the way another bugler blasted “Reveille” with its uplifting message, “A new day has dawned. The morning is broken, hope is here. Light has driven the darkness away.”

    The Miracle Worker is alive! Open your eyes. You have His permission to Arise!


(7April2020)         Ldw