Perspective (The Deer Hunt)


    Several (in fact, many, many!) years ago a friend and I were deer hunting in Palo Pinto county Texas and we were not being very successful. We made the decision to leave our tree stands and change strategies. We selected a thick grove of cedar trees, a shelter belt about fifty yards wide and two hundred yards long, separated from each other and began to sneak very slowly hoping to surprise a suspect with our adept skills. (I’m being sarcastic!) Bad plan! The stand of trees and underbrush was so thick that we couldn’t see five feet ahead, sometimes forced to crawl still we pushed forward. Eventually we came to the end, regrouped and discussed what just happened, which, amounted to wasted energy, scratches and bruises and the release of a lot of sweat. Disappointed, we both concluded that, although promising, there were no deer in that place.

    What happened next was a change of perspective. We climbed to a high knoll that overlooked the cedar grove where we just left. To our amazement, and amusement, we watched two hunters dressed in bright orange enter the scope of trees just as we had done. We laughed, knowing their attempt would be as futile as ours, even concluding, “They are wasting their time because there are no deer in that place!” Surprise! There were deer in those woods, in fact, a lot of deer who sneaked out each side and circled behind the hunters and reentered the dense haven of protection without the slightest detection from either stalker. First, we laughed. Then, we were surprised. Finally, we were silent! Like the sun rising to give new perspective to those sitting in darkness, we realized what was unfolding before our eyes was exactly what happened to us just a short time earlier. We were two jesters sitting on a knoll surprised by a reality that made us feel foolish.

    What changed? Perspective! The certainty of life happening in real time is much like us attempting to negotiate a thick stand of cedar trees. In reality we can’t see but a few feet in front of us, still we push forward, toiling, laboring, grumbling over difficulties, even looking for someone to blame for the pesky circumstances that never seem to change. The challenging thing about life is it is so daily! The sun rises, we merge into the fast lane; push, shove, pull, fall, get up, then come home. The sun sets. The sun rises and it starts all over again. Daily Llfe. Accumulated baggage from the days, years before. New challenges. New burdens. New Struggles. Repeat. Repeat. Where is the ramp so I can exit to this unforgiving interstate?

    Easter reminds us that Father God doesn’t have our problem! He sees the end from the beginning. Whereas we view life like a magnificent parade; one float, one marching band, one group of horseman at a time; He sees the whole parade, from start to finish. Numbed by pain, we look backwards in an attempt to make sense of the mess; all the pieces of this Humpty Dumpty’s life lay broken and scattered at our feet. The past leaves us perplexed. We look around in real time at each unique piece of reality and feel helpless to make sense of the puzzle. Where is the picture on the box? What should the fragmented and broken pieces look like once assembled? I think a few pieces are missing, what is the plan? Our present leaves us frustrated. We foolishly worry about tomorrow; the fear of the unknown and the things we can’t seem to control trouble us. Tomorrow intimidates us. In summary, most people are perplexed, frustrated and intimidated by the tenses of life.

    However, when you grasp the reality of a resurrected Lord, everything changes. Easter brings a new focus; a different perspective. The new X-factor is called Hope! He can take the broken pieces of life and use them in a plan for my good and His glory. I must trust Him. He walks with me in present time reality and, like a gifted Artist; He uses all the colors on His palette to create a Masterpiece. I must resist the temptation to control the Hand of the Artist and trust Him. When I look in the direction of tomorrow, fear of the unknown arises and threatens me, intimating me to panic. I need to remind myself that He whose name is ‘I AM’ also lives in the future as proficiently as in the past and present. I must relax and trust Him!

    Are you in the center of a dense and dark forest; a rat race where the rats are winning; a battle in which you are outnumbered and outgunned? Surrender! Not to the enemy, but to the Master, to the Captain of your body, soul and spirit. Use the Word of God in your hands and access the Spirit of God within, climb to a place where the perspective is different. Trust in the One who conquered life, sin, death, and the enemy. Allow the Risen One to change your perspective!


(12April2020)   Ldw