Life Outside Eden's Gate (The Unfairness of Life)

Life Outside Eden’s Gate

 (Dealing with the Unfairness of Life)

    Yerus, which is short for Jerusalem, is an orphan with full-blown AIDS; obviously, through no fault of her own. That was a gift she received from her departed mother. A fleeting glimpse into her life gives birth to an angry protest, “That’s not fair! She did nothing wrong.” You are correct, it’s not fair but it is real life outside of Eden’s gate. When Michael, a man motivated by gospel-driven love, first saw her in the hospital she had lost all her hair and her head covered with sores. Four years later she has beautiful black hair pulled back in a ponytail and a winning smile. Rescued by gospel love! She, like Tamrat, whose name means Miracle, who was found at the breast of his dead mother who died two days earlier, are indeed miracles because of the love of Jesus through one person who lives and loves to see grace on display.

    The injustice of life presents itself to us like an empty canvas. The picture we create, for others to behold and be inspired, depends on the colors we choose to use. The colors we choose depend upon our perspective. Our perspective depends upon our attitude. Our attitude depends upon how we react to the unfairness of life.

    Life outside the Gate of Eden continually presents us with an empty canvas through relentless changes and evolving circumstances. Currently, COVID19 has brought many uninvited and unwelcomed changes; changes that have a nasty ripple effect. Many businesses are closed and, unfortunately, many will never reopen. Many people are without work and that translates into loss of wages; unpaid bills, interrupted lifestyle and serious repercussions. A senior High School athlete once had a promising opportunity to receive a college scholarship but now she sits at home staring at a cap and gown draped oved an empty chair. Or, a gifted scholar, who worked extremely hard for a sterling GPA that would open the door for entrance into his dream college, now gazes out the window and dreams of what might have been. Like an elusive beautiful butterfly, dreams flitter quickly away.

   Unfair! These are unwelcomed circumstances, like a thief in the night, that are out of our control and due to no fault of our own. These present circumstances strike us as unfair because we had no choice in the matter. However, we do have a choice; be a whiner or be a winner! Whiners are those who paint with dark and depressing colors. People don’t pause very long to admire their painting, they shake their head and quickly move on. Winners paint with bright colors; splashes of sunshine and rays of light. People love to stop, appreciate and soak in the hope.

    Life outside of Eden’s Gate will always wear the stained marks of what happened inside! But, One Day we will have full access to a Paradise Regained because of the One who took the dark colors that an unfair life presented to Him, and painted a stunning portrait of Grace on Display; a grace that includes abundant and everlasting Life! Hallelujah!

Remember, trust Jesus and wash your hands! Ldw

(NOTE: The story in the first paragraph is from “A Company of Heroes” by Tim Keesee)


(16April2020)      Ldw