The Compass

The Compass

    I am amazed, even flabbergasted, how so many Christ followers do not properly use the Bible or better said, rarely put their Bible to proper use. The enemy has convinced the majority of foot soldiers that the Bible is a stringent rule book filled with DO this and DO NOT do that written for the purpose of making life less fun, in fact, miserable. Obviously, the Bible does indeed include both prohibitions and imperatives designed to promote our best wellbeing. The Creator knows best what will help and what will hurt His creation.

    Would a pilot embark on a flight without first knowing that his cluster of instruments were working properly? Would a hiker began a long trek without a compass? Would a maturing child attempt to assemble a complicated Lego project without consulting the directions? The obvious answer to all these questions is "No!" However, in asking the question we may have placed our finger on the pulse point, that reveals the real problem. Following in the footprints of Adam, we do not like to follow instructions! We had rather risk failure doing things our way than be successful doing things as God designed. Amazingly, the default setting of our brain is; "I know best how to run my life." And that, my comrades in arms, is the heart of the problem. Or, as Dr. Adrian Rogers was fond of saying,” The heart of the problem is the problem of the human heart."

    The Bible is much more than a rule book, dictating right and wrong. Rather, it is an instructional guide that God ingeniously designed and provided for pilgrims to use as a compass on a challenging journey. Yet, even beyond that, it is a love letter written in red, redemptive blood that provides inspiration when the journey becomes encumbered with challenges. The Bible reveals the red footprints we are to follow; red because the One leading the way proved His intense love in a sacrificial way through suffering and death.

    So, you are sheltered at home. Bored and bummed. Agitated and aggravated. Flustered and fuming. Put down the remote and pick up a Bible! Get a plan. Read! You will discover history, love stories, romance, murders, wisdom, mystery, debauchery, parables, perversion, guidance, instructions, a rebellious son who found his way back home, a man who discovered a treasure buried in a field and another found a pearl of great price..the list is endless! Read. Embark on a treasure hunt. Just read for pleasure and soon you will discover, as a man digging for gold, an endless Treasure Chest filled with unimaginable riches. You will discover the scarlet thread of redemption that weaves itself through every page; the silver strand of resurrection promised and provided through the Main Character; the golden cord of eternity which the Author placed buried deep your bosom.

Pick it up and READ!

(20March2020)  Ldw