The Butterfly

The Butterfly

    In the midst of the restrictions because of COVID-19, we find ourselves struggling with the uncomfortable and unwelcome feelings that most often express itself in anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and unhappiness. The prominent question seems to be, “When will things get back to normal?” The irony, even hypocrisy, of that question is that a majority of those asking that question were unhappy with life when it was deemed normal! Perhaps a story will sharpen your focus.

    A beautiful butterfly was struggling to escape from its cocoon. A person passing by saw the struggle, pitted it, and decided to take action. With the skill of the trained hands of a surgeon, he sniped the enveloping web with the use of scissors. Immediately the butterfly was free and took flight.

    Unfortunately, the flight was a short one as the man watched the beautiful masterpiece of splendid color flutter to the ground and die. In the process of metamorphosis the struggle is an essential part of life.

Raise your expectations to new heights! Take your focus from the past (what was once NORMAL); look higher than the present (what is restrictive and unpleasant); focus on God’s ingenious Design and behold the beauty of NEW that will be tomorrow. Stop thinking “normal” and start thinking “new.”

     Even if you can’t see His plan, trust His hand and be assured that the struggle from the cocoon is an essential part of the flight to new heights.

Remember, trust Jesus and wash your hands. Ldw