Interruptions (Caused by COVID-19)


    Things are going great, and then out of nowhere, like a perfect storm, there is an accident or illness that requires rest, perhaps even confinement. Interruption. An athlete is progressing swiftly toward career goals, then a horrific collision from the blindside leaving him with excruciating pain as thousands gasp. Interruption. Spring arrives with magnificent beauty; the weary and wet winter is a distant memory. The school year is almost complete so mentally you begin to make seasonal plans, some written but most imagined, because summer is the time to plan for vacation, outdoor activities with friends…lots of friends, then BOOM! The governor makes an announcement; “STAY AT HOME is now a legal command.” Isolation. And with it comes interruption. On a normal Sunday there is excitement to unite with others, be encouraged, listen, learn, grow, sing; then all services are moved to on line venues that require a new learning curve. Interruption.

       We have now discovered that life has added a fifth season into the cycle, one that quickly inserted itself between winter and summer. It is the season of interruption! Most of us are scrambling to adjust to this new season. What is vogue to wear? It seems the style is face masks, shields and rubber gloves. The new perfume for the season is the distinct smell of hand sanitizer. Winter is the season to hunt, play in the snow, read a book beside a roaring fire. Spring is the time to watch organized sports like baseball, soccer, softball. Summer is the time for picnics, pool activities; walks on the beach allowing the sound of the incessant waves to wash and cleanse your soul. Fall is the time for walks in the woods, college football, and preparation for winter. Wow! Who hit the pause button and stopped the normal seasonal flow? Everything is on hold! Activities and plans are cancelled and each day we watch the evening news to see what happenings are allowed and what is forbidden. Interruption.

    During days of unusual interruption there is much that can be learned. Actually, there are benefits. You can become a better person; a more devoted pilgrim who is determined to walk in The Way inspired by intruding interruptions. Chief among the benefits is a change of pace in life that allows time and opportunity to focus on self-improvement and spiritual advancement. Simply, it can be a new season to focus on solitude and silence; the disciplines that we despise the most, especially those who are type A, driven extroverts. In fact, even introverts consider down time as wasted time. However, it can be a time of learning to be still before the Lord but it will not happen by accident. You must be intentional.

    However, when these days are distant memory, and they will end, don’t be guilty of wasting the interruption! Many people are using the time to watch movies, work jigsaw puzzles, complete house improvements, take walks in the neighborhood, just to name a few. Certainly, these are wonderful things especially if they involve your family in new activities, however use the time to be like Mary who humbly sat beneath the feet of Jesus and drank in His loveliness. (Luke 10:38-42) Spiritual power flows into moments of stillness. One of our greatest challenges, and quite frankly a sin of omission, is that we move so quickly and maintain a rat race pace that we do not have time to “be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) We most often relegate that beautiful Psalm to a rowdy and mischievous gaggle of children in Vacation Bible School but it applies to adults as well.

    So, you are now interrupted. What will you do with the interruption? Complain. Blame. Waste the opportunity. I have a better idea! Don’t waste the interruption…be still and receive the spiritual infusion that flows from sitting at the feet of Jesus and in knowing that He alone is God.

Remember, trust Jesus and wash your hands!                                                                             (COVID-19 3April2020)              Ldw