What A Great T.I.M.E.


What A Great T.I.M.E.!
By Larry d. Wright
There is little doubt that we are currently involved in a world-wide economic crisis that is causing great FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) to engulf many Americans, including Christians. I am not sure that I understand what caused this crisis other than old fashioned greed and years of bad decisions, nevertheless, we find ourselves at a critical crossroads.
What a great T.I.M.E. for Christians to join hearts and hands to demonstrate their confidence in our great God. Daily we are bombarded with bad news and depressing reports from the secular news media, yet we have good news and the message of true, lasting hope. It is T.I.M.E. for God’s people to respond by sharing the good news of God’s amazing and awesome GRACE (Great Riches At Christ Expense).   
What a great T.I.M.E. to walk through open doors. While the door of opportunity is still open in much of the world T.I.M.E. teams are committed to GO! Please consider becoming a ministry partner by PRAYING for those able to go or GIVING so that others can go. It is very expensive (approximately $20,000 per mission endeavor) to win others to Christ but worth every cent! Consider GOING as a team member on a future mission endeavor. Let me know if you are interested and I can make it happen!  
What a great T.I.M.E. for Christians to be PRAYING...GIVING...GOING!
Remember, if we have anything to tell the world now is the T.I.M.E.