Intentional Christians


The Intentional Christian
OVERVIEW: This is a series of four messages dealing with Christian maturity. So many Christians are casual about their faith. In order to please God, a believer must be intentional about their faith. The Intentional Christian must be decisive, live a life of integrity, exercise their gifts and access God’s power. This series of messages explores the life of Paul, Joseph, Barnabas and Elijah to examine these qualities.
SERMON #1. Intention Christians Are Decisive
TEXT: Philippians 3:10-14 (Paul)
OVERVIEW: The intention Christian is a person determined to know God better and move away from mediocrity. Carnal Christians live casual lives; spiritual Christians are determined to always move to the next level. You must be decisive are you will live by default. Being decisive requires intentionality.
OUTLINE: Paul was an intentional Christian and we can learn from his example. (1) Intentional Christians live by a definite decision. (3:12) I love the Amplified translation: “Jesus, the Messiah, has laid hold of me and made me His own.” Intentional Christians make the clear decision that Jesus is the best person to master their life. Paul made that decision.
(2) Intentional Christians live by a determined priority. (3:13) “This one thing I do.” You must be intentional about living by God’s priorities.
(3) Intentional Christians are not deterred by the past. (3:13) “forgetting those things which are behind…” If you don’t learn to deal with your past, it will control your future.
SERMON #2. Being Intentional Requires Integrity
TEXT: Genesis 39 (key, verses 6-21)
OVERVIEW: Integrity is a missing quality in our culture. Christians are no different from the world, yet God calls us to live lives of integrity. Integrity is who you are when no one is watching. Joseph was a person of integrity. He had every excuse to compromise his character but he refused.
OUTLINE: (1) People of integrity respect the awesome power of sin. (39:6-8, 12) World’s philosophy, “What happens in Mexico says in Mexico.” WRONG! When you choose to take a swim in sin, be prepared to drown! Joseph ran because he knew sin always has consequences.
(2) People of integrity reverence the always presence of God. (39:9) Joseph was a man of integrity because he feared God more than he feared man.
(3) People of integrity remain faithful in the midst of bad circumstances. (39:13-23) Joseph was NOT rewarded for his faithfulness, instead he was falsely accused. Still, his integrity remained in tack.
You must be intentional about your integrity because casual people always become causalities.
SERMON #3. Intentional Christians Utilize Their Gifts
TEXT: Romans 12:3-8; Acts 9:26-28 (Barnabas)
OVERVIEW: The real value of any Christian in NOT their talents, power, position but in discovering and using their spiritual gifts.
OUTLINE: (1) God has graced all believers with new life in Christ (Romans 12:3) This grace defines your true value in God’s eyes. You must see yourself through heavens eyes to grasp this truth.
(2) God has grafted all believers into Christ’s Body. (Romans 12:5)
You are a part of a living organism. You are an essential and indispensable part of Christ’s Body!
(3) God has gifted all believers for ministry. Spiritual gifts are distinctive abilities given by the Holy Spirit that make it possible for all believers to fit and function in the Body of Christ.
Acts 9:26-28. A great example of these three spiritual truths is Barnabas.
SERMON #4. Intentional Christians Are Serious About God’s Power
TEXT: 1 Kings 18:1-40, focus verses 18:36-39
OVERVIEW: Elijah is proof that even in impossible situations God’s power can make a difference. There is never a shortage of God’s power, only in our accessing and appropiating His power.
#1. A divided heart will always leave you powerless. (18:21)
The people of Elijah’s day were powerless because their heart was divided. Intentional Christians must address the issue of a divided heart. The fruit of a divided heart is idolatry. Your heart will always be divided until you get hungry for more of God.
#2. A devoted heart will display God’s power. (18:38-39)
The gods of this world always promise more than they can deliver but the God of Elijah always delivers. He provided fire from heaven and rain to end a drought. The fire of God never falls on an empty altar!
Intentional Christians are serious about God’s power!